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Lance Bendiksen is an Emmy Award winning composer and music producer.  He’s worked on numerous acclaimed Films, TV soundtracks, and Recording industry projects.   

“For me, it’s all about musicality, emotion, and originality says Bendiksen.   Capture that, and add the right talent to your projects , and music will make its impact"   Bendiksen enjoys working with great live musicians as well as in the box, DAW productions, or combinations therein. 

What makes Bendiksen unique is his network of great engineers, musicians, recording alliances, alongside his ability to compose an endless stream of original music. Bendiksen elaborates,  “I encourage my clients to preview original concepts, themes and to allow music to speak to their goals before choosing a composer, music producer, studio, or library. it’s so important to preview themes, ideas, genre options, a particular tone and space for your film, show, or recording, then diving in headlong into production.  He will often send out dozens of ideas before recording first drafts of a score or studio production.  

"I’m also an advocate of great engineers," says Bendiksen.  "It’s essential to have great people on hit projects. With musicians, I’ll often play many of the parts in a production but sometimes only employ one live musician on his specialized instrument to employ his mastery and make it pop. There’s no one standard.  We’ve used full orchestras, single instruments, and everything in between.  We just finished two film scores that were all in the box and virtual. The landscape is wide so explore away.  

Bendiksen has worked with PBS, NPR, CBS, NBC, ABC, ESPN, Arista, RCA, and Capital Records, as well as many independent labels.  His engineers,  team of session players, and talent pool hold Grammy’s, Platinum and Gold Albums, an Emmy, and now an Oscar.  


David McGuinnes's talent as an audio engineer, sound designer and production manager is a major asset to Bendiksen Productions. Growing up with Lance in New Jersey, McGuinness and Bendiksen have had a long lasting friendship and business partnership. He utilizes Pro Tools to enhance musical talent with clean productions. His experience from years of mixing live audio has transitioned into a library of top notch recordings.

David McGuinness started out in the music world in college, he learned the business side of entertainment, booking and producing shows with Peter Frampton, Billy Joel, Hall and Oates and Patti Smith among others. After  college, McGuinness jumped into the audio world, learning and working in the vibrant music scene at the time with many great artists like jazz great Grover Washington Jr., McGuinness found his niche in the music world. One of the first engineers mixing on-stage monitors in Philadelphia in the 1980's, he improved his audio skill working with every popular artist of the era, touring with Todd Rundgren, Renaissance, John DenveAir Supply, and The Jets!

He was the front of house engineer and production manager for their popular band "The Hooters" for over twenty years. David has been all over the world mixing in great venues, at large festivals, and historic events such as Roger Waters "The Wall" live in Berlin in 1990.  From small clubs and theaters likethe Boulder Theater, to Madison Square Garden, Giants Stadium, Red Rocks, and the Hollywood Bowl, David McGuinness' experiences have shaped his knowledge of the music industry and crafted skills worthy of any project.


Erik has been a part of the Bendiksen production team for four years now, where he’s studied under his father Lance Bendiksen, and engineer David McGuinness. His work has included stage lighting, live production, composition, studio production and engineering. Currently, he works for the company as a Computer Systems Analyst, Sound Designer, an assistant producer, and engineer.  

Recent credits include important Bendiksen production projects. Erik was an assistant engineer on the film “A Towering Task” which premiered at the Kennedy Center, September 2019.  In 2017 he worked as an assistant engineer and as a top line composer for Atlantic Records.  He was also an assistant engineer on the album “Voices of the Guardians” an album featuring Oscar Winner Wes Studi. The album ascended to number two on the Billboard Charts in 2018. 

Charles Rose: Orchestration

Charles Rose is an arranger orchestrator trombonist & keyboardist.  Along with orchestrating hit artists and projects he heads up the world famous Muscle Shoals Horn Section.  Charles is a consummate session player working with dozens of hit artists including Paul McCartney, Elton John, John Lennon, Toby Kieth, Bob Dylan, Steven Tyler, BB King, Lyle Lovett, Phish, Aaron Neville, and Hank Williams Jr.  As a performer Charles has performed at the White House with Lyle Lovett and his Big Band.  His TV performances include David Letterman, Jay Leno, Conan O’Brian, Austin 

City Limits and PBS’s soundstage.  Charles has been a part two Grammy Winning albums with Buddy Guy, “Born to Play Guitar,” and “Alive and Well”  

Will McFarlene: Guitarists

Will moved to the Muscle Shoals the hit making small town in Alabama after over 5 years on the road with Bonnie Raitt and extensive session work in LA. He signed with the publishing company at Muscle Shoals Sound, and became part of the rhythm section, playing with artists as diverse as Bobby “Blue” Bland, Etta James, Toby Keith, and Levon Helm. He was inducted into the Musicians Hall of Fame in Nashville as a friend of the Swampers. He lives here with his wife of 45 years

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