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Do you have great songs that you believe in?

Are you looking for an affordable
yet serious professional production and recording company? Bendiksen Productions would love to hear from you. By combining internet technology and having access to recording studios internationally, Bendiksen Productions produces world class recordings for artists. By using mp3's, Skyping and an advanced email system for  music production, it is possible and affordable to make outstanding recordings anywhere in the world.  Bendiksen Productions is one of the few award-winning production teams that listens to every piece of music sent to them. Not only does the Bendiksen productions team listen to each song, but they also offer initial free critiques. With the team's extensive experience in the industry, they are eager to help create more hit songs. "Internet production makes it possible for us to find and develop great undiscovered talent from any market in the world," says Bendiksen. If you are ready to advance your musical career, Bendiksen Productions is ready to hear what you have to offer. Submit your recordings to us today by clicking here. 

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