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Lighting+Front of House Sound+Musical Direction=Epic Show
We create epic shows that can presented at venues like Red Rocks but also at the club level. Bendiksen has played over 3,000 shows and has a knack for creating a live experience of top notch value. Our secret weapon David McGuinness's experience mixing sound at venues all over the world is a huge sset to our clients live sound. Our team has the ability to take a talented band to the next level throught mastery of front of house sound and visuals. Live audio and Lighting is often left to chance but we believe we can offer a better live experience to your audience with experienced professionals providing technical know how tailored to your show



One of the biggest shifts in the industry that we've seen in the last ten years is that  labels are pulling further and further away from promoting the groups that they sign. Not only are they moving rapidly toward this sad trend but they're now usually only signing the bands and singers that promote there way to success prior to label interest.  in short the marketing, promotion and publicity surrounding a band or singer can often make or break their careers even more than their actual musical product. 

For this reason we've put together a hybrid approach to music business with expansive marketing solutions.  A way that we can help you in the same ways that experienced managers promote their clients careers.  Please inquire about this service and meet with us in person to discuss your music business future.

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