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Bendiksen Productions encourages new artists to break into the scene by working with them to  perfect their songs and live show first.  They believe in a pre-production program that not only creates better songs but an Epic Live Show and prepares the songs for studio productions. 
This can be done in person with singers and bands, or online via Skyping, Videos and MP3's.   Bendiksen Production Company utilizes their extensive knowledge of the industry, touring, and songwriting as they coach and fine tune your music.  They believe in developing a solid career path by helping singers and bands develop their musical skills as songwriters, on stage and in the studio.

In addition to producing and professional recording demos, EP's and full albums, Bendiksen Productions is now producing high quality music videos. Because so many successful artists gain exposure through online videos, our video production team provides the visual flair our artists need.


For Our Clients

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